I miss being an idiot with my loser

Anonymous asked:
ouch! yeah that doesn't sound fun lol, Well i hope you get better soon.. Weed is the remedy so blaze up! and get some sleep beautiful;)

Hahaha no drugs for kassie, but thank you though x I’ll survive :)

Anonymous asked:
kidney infection?

Oh hahaha, yeah I don’t really know how I got it but I’m not feeling too great and my medication hasn’t really started working yet so I’m in quite a bit of pain. It’s not too fun.

Anonymous asked:
what happened babe?

What happened with what?

Still stuck in bed cause of this kidney infection so thought I may as well do something a little productive.

Venice, Italy, 2012

I just need my boy so badly :(

There’s a romance I find in flying. It is truly a privilege - an event, if you will - to be able go someplace so far away in such an efficient and stylish manner.