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18 years ago today, we lost one of the most brilliant and influential human beings to ever grace this planet. And because of that, the world is a lot less brighter without him. 
Still…King Shakur, your memory and legacy lives on through all of those whose lives you touched and continue to touch with your voice and spirit. Including myself. Thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate me. You will never ever be forgotten, I can promise you that. My future children will know your name and speak it with admiration and respect. 
Rest In Love King. 
We really do miss you ♥

Rest in Peace


Street Wise


Musuem Station, Sydney.


18 years ago today! September 13th 1996. R.I.P Tupac Shakur

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The expanding fireball and shockwave of the atomic bomb seen at .025 seconds after detonation. New Mexico Dessert, July 16 1945.